Covid-19 Roadmap out of lockdown

On 22 February 2021, the Government published a roadmap out of lockdown outlining the loosening of restrictions we can anticipate on particular dates – if the vaccine programme continues successfully, and the infection and hospitalisation rates remain under control. Here’s a summary table, but please follow the links to the full document for details.

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Step 1
Step 2Step 3Step 4
8 March29 MarchNo earlier than 12 April. At least 5 weeks after Step 1.No earlier than 17 May. At least 5 weeks after Step 2.No earlier than 21 June. At least 5 weeks after Step 3. All subject to review.
Education– Schools and colleges open for all students

– Practical Higher Education courses
 As previous stepAs previous stepAs previous step
Social contact– Exercise and recreation outdoors with household or one other person

– Household only indoors
– Rule of 6 or two households outdoors

– Household only indoors
– Rule of 6 or two households outdoors

– Household only indoors
– Maximum 30 people outdoors

– Rule of 6 or two households indoors (subject to review)
No legal limit
Business & Activities– Wraparound care, including sport, for all children– Organised outdoor sport (children and adults)

– Outdoor sport and leisure facilities

– All outdoor children’s activities

– Outdoor parent & child group (up to 15 parents)
– All retail

– Personal care

– Libraries & community centres

– Most outdoor attractions

– Indoor leisure inc. gyms (individual use only)

– Self-contained accommodation

– All children’s activities

– Outdoor hospitality

– Indoor parent & child groups (up to 15 parents)
– Indoor hospitality

– Indoor entertainment and attractions

– Organised indoor sport (adult)

– Remaining accommodation

– Remaining outdoor entertainment (including performances)
– Remaining businesses, including nightclubs
Travel– Stay at home

– No holidays
– Minimise travel

– No holidays
– Domestic overnight stays (household only)

– No international holidays
– Domestic overnight stays

– International travel (subject to review)
– Domestic overnight stays

– International travel
Events– Funerals (30)

– Weddings and wakes (6)
 – Funerals (30)

– Weddings, wakes, receptions (15)

– Event pilots
– Most significant life events (30).

– Indoor events: 1,000 or 50%

– Outdoor seated events: 10,000 or 25%

– Outdoor other events: 4,000 or 50%
– No legal limit on live events

– Larger events