Don’t get your heart broken or your money stolen

West Mercia police launched an intensified their efforts to investigate reports and develop intelligence leads to disrupt romance fraudsters, whilst also safeguarding, supporting and offering protection advice to victims and potential victims.

Romance Fraud is on the rise and involves victims being convinced they are in a relationship with the fraudster, who then convinces them to give them money, often assuring them it will be repaid when they eventually meet and can be together.

On average victims lose over £10K each, with some losing much more. The numbers have increased since lockdown as people become more socially isolated.

Nationally Action Fraud received 5,820 reports of Romance Fraud from 01 January 2019 to 31 December 2019 with a total reported loss of over £68 million. The average loss to victims is nearly £18,000, which is higher than previous years’ reporting. Victims of Romance Fraud are predominantly female and aged 50 – 59 years old. Male victims are generally younger with the highest proportion of victims being aged 20-29.

If you’ve been affected by romance fraud or know someone who has, then support is available from the West Mercia Victim Advice Line.
The Victim Advice Line is a free and confidential service offering advice, practical help and emotional support to people affected by crime, regardless of whether it has been reported to the police. 
Support is available by telephone on 0800 9523000, via email at and through live chat on