It’s the Summertime tWIst

Starting at 11am on Saturday 27th June 2020, bring together members, friends and family for a virtual festival!

The Summertime tWIst is a fabulous opportunity to inspire and encourage members to have a mini festival at home; whether it’s in their garden with a festival-decorated tent, or in their own homes, it doesn’t matter where just as long as there is music, food and lots of fun! We would love to see as many members as possible take part in the festival, however, we have to be careful in what we are asking members to do, hence why we have suggested in the garden or at home.

Government guidance keeps being updated and we do not want to be advising members to do something that goes against this. So, at present*, if members have a large enough garden or ‘place’ that they can meet with up to 6 others and still maintain social distancing, then go ahead. The idea of a tent is simply to help recreate a festival vibe and in no way are we encouraging members to invite others for a ‘sleep over’. However, it could be fun for a group of members to hold a zoom meeting whilst all sat in their own tents! We don’t mind how member’s take part, as long as they follow the current government requirements.