Board of Trustees

Federation Chair, Sue White and the 11 trustees are responsible for:

  • Furthering and coordinating the work of the WI in Worcestershire.
  • Looking for opportunities to enhance the WFWI’s reputation and increase membership.
  • Overseeing the work of the WFWI sub-committees to ensure a wide range of events is held for the benefit of members.
  • Running its affairs within the values and objectives of the NFWI and within Charity Law.
  • Organising the Annual WFWI meeting.
  • Ensuring the smooth running of all activities and the management of WFWI funds.

Advisers committee

WI advisers are trained by the NFWI to help and support WI members in Worcestershire. They work under the authority and guidance of the Board of Trustees. Their role includes:

  • Supporting and encouraging all members through their WIs.
  • Providing a range of training sessions and workshops.
  • Giving advice to members on the WI, its constitution and history and the day to day running of a WI.
  • Being responsible for the setting up, enlarging and closing of WIs. 

Creative activities

The creative activities committee:

  • Advises and helps WIs on all aspects of creative activities including home economics, flowers, craft and art.
  • Organises at least one competitive event per year within the WFWI.
  • Arranges workshops, classes and outings on a wide range of creative activities for all abilities.
  • Monitors the standards of judging in any craft or produce show.
  • Co-ordinates the register of WI approved judges.

Leisure and pleasure

  • Provides a wide range of leisure activities and sporting events for all members including outings, competitive tournaments and sports taster sessions.

Marketing and development

  • Supports the WFWI and WIs in the promotion of the WI throughout Worcestershire.
  • Works with WI Advisers and offers support in the formation of new WIs.
  • Encourages all WIs to develop marketing strategies, create individual websites and/or use social media to promote communication and marketing.
  • Increases awareness of and use of WFWI and NFWI training opportunities and resources.
  • Assists WIs on the production of promotional materials.
  • Organises training days and workshops to further members’ knowledge and use of digital resources including websites and social media.

Performing arts

  • Encourages and develops all aspects of performing arts within WIs and the WFWI.
  • Arranges workshops, productions, festivals and events for members to enjoy and act, sing, perform and participate in.
  • Advises and helps WIs to start choirs, drama groups and literary interests.
  • Always pleased to visit and perform for WIs.

Public affairs

  • Advises, educates, organises and promotes awareness around matters that are important to WI members.
  • Follow up and works on national WI resolutions and NFWI mandates.
  • Liaises and co-operates with community organisations related to general welfare, agriculture and the environment.
  • Keeps WFWI members informed on relevant current and international affairs including the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW).
  • Organises the annual WFWI Lucy Hingley memorial lecture.
  • Increases awareness of science and technology through liaison with NFWI and WFWI groups.